The following schedule is subject to change. All seats are first come first serve. There will be spill areas in case you don’t get a chance to get inside the rooms. We suggest arriving early and grabbing a seat. Workshops are open for visitors to browse and even join some.

Registrations / pass collection begin at 9am on Friday 16th. Be early to collect your pass if you are participating in workshops or would like to see the screenings. Proof of identity is required. If arriving later, you will be able to collect your pass at any time on Friday and Saturday.


TimeMain HallAmericanaClub
10.00 - 14.00Screenings
Selections of screenings for Resonate audience. See screening programme (below) for details.
10 Workshops in and around Americana hall. Visitors are welcome to look around, listen in and even join some.
Meet and Greet
A chance to meet speakers and ask questions over a nice drink at the bar.

Featuring Resonate's 2012 Screening showcase by participating artists.
Lunch (45min)
14.45 - 15.25Closed
Getting ready for night performances

“Toxiclibs – a toolbox for computational design” with Karsten Schmidt

“Electronic Instant Photo Safari” workshop with Niklas Roy

“DMX/openFrameworks Lighting” workshop with Andreas Müller

“Recycling Entertainment System” workshop with Benjamin Gaulon & Martial Geoffre-Rouland

“RGB+Depth filmmaking” workshop with James George and Alexander Porter

“Digital Stereoscope” workshop with Richard Difford and Anne-Laure Guiot

“An introduction into working with the vector graphics framework Paper.js” with Jurg Lehni

“WARP Workshop” with Calum Morton (Warp Records) and Studio NAND

“Absorbing Resonate Sound” workshop with Soba64
B-Reel is a creative production company exploring storytelling and technology.
15.30 - 16.10Martin Fuchs - Written Images
Created in collaboration with more than 70 media artists and developers from across the world, Written Images is the first of its kind - 'programmed book'.
16.15 - 16.55
17.00 - 17.40
17.45 - 18.25Jonathan Richards - Guardian Data
The Guardian Interactive team aims to push the boundaries of news story-telling; creating pieces where data visualisation, rich media, and interactions combine with classic narratives to build new forms of reader engagement.
18.30 - 19.00Jonathan Puckey
Jonathan Puckey, co-founder of Moniker, is a graphic designer and programmer with a focus on processes rather than products: things that adapt to their environment, emphasize change and show difference.
Break (2 hours)
21.00-23.00anbb – alva noto & blixa bargeld
"crystalline noise formations. phrases, words, syllables of pure sound isolated until normal sense disappears, leaving new, unexpected abstractions to emerge"

Friday Screenings Programme

TimeMain Hall
10:30 - 11:20A Visualist
A. Visualist is a documentary film about a journey to capture the essential culture of visual performance of a visualist.
Director: Jimmy Howe.
11:25 - 12:45onedotzero
Wow + Flutter 11 - sharing the most innovative and surprising new work across motion graphics, character design, typography, animation and experimental works from fresh talent and celebrated masters who blur and explode traditional notions of what moving image can be. an international selection from a programme now synonymous with forecasting the future of moving image.
12:50 - 13:40The Future of Art and Timeless with introduction by Gabriel Shalom
The Future of Art, produced and premiered at Transmediale 2011; and Timeless, commissioned by MU Eindhoven during the STRP Festival 2011. Timeless recently premiered at the opening of Gabriel's solo video art exhibition The Tosso Variations.
13:45 - 14:30onedotzero
Onscreen 11 - a curated programme of linear moving image installations allowing an experience of moving image work. a programme of works that is transporting, immersive and contemplative.


TimeMain HallAmericanaClub
10.00 - 10.15Maria Jelesijevic, Filip Visnjic - Welcome
Director of the festival and it's main curator introduce the series of talks
Meet and Greet
A chance to meet speakers and ask questions over a nice drink at the bar.

Featuring Resonate's 2012 Screening showcase by participating artists.
10.20 - 11.00Rafaël Rozendaal
Makes websites as art pieces, pieces are sold with domain name, work remains public, name of collector in title bar.
Greg J. Smith
Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer and researcher with interests in media theory and digital culture.
11.05 - 11.45Anita Fontaine and Geoff Lillemon - Champagne Valentine
Champagne Valentine have changed the advertising cosmos with their provocative and decadent creations. A fantastical entity, they shapeshift between commercial, fashion and luxurious realms while remaining attuned to ethical and contemporary art trends.
Els I.R.L Vermang - Lab[AU]
LAb|au| examines space - and time constructs relative to information processes and systems through a transposition in n-dimensional (sound, light, motion,…) form.
11.50 - 12.30Karsten Schmidt
Karsten explores the growing possibilities at the intersection of various design disciplines and software development.
Regine Debatty
Régine Debatty writes about the intersection between art, design and technology, curates art shows and speaks at conferences and festivals about the way artists, hackers and interaction designers (mis)use technology.
12.35 - 13.15Alexandros Tsolakis - United Visual Artists
United Visual Artists produce work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation.
Marcus Wendt, Vera Glahn - FIELD
FIELD uses computational design, interactive technology, and generative strategies to create images with a life of their own. Inspired by the patterns of nature and the dynamics of life.
13.20 - 14.00DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid
DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid, is an experimental and electronic hip-hop musician, conceptual artist, dedicated environmental activist and writer.
Jürg Lehni
Jürg Lehni works collaboratively across disciplines, dealing with the nuances between techno­logy, tools and the human condition.
Lunch (45min)
14.45 - 15.25Closed
Getting ready for night performances
Niklas Roy
Niklas Roy is a Berlin based artist who makes mechatronic installations and devices.
PANEL 1 - The Age of Data
Jer Thorp, Nicholas Felton and Greg J. Smith discuss the ever changing nature of the internet and how data is used as artistic medium
15.30 - 16.10Chris O'Reilly - Nexus Interactive Arts
Nexus give access to some of the most exciting talent in interactivity, film and animation, backed by 15 years of experience in partnering with clients to deliver talked about work.
PANEL2 - Open Source
Karsten Schmidt, Jürg Lehni, Jonathan Puckey and Niklas Roy discuss the purpose of Open Source, its implications and the notions of both social and artistic responsibility
16.15 - 16.55Jer Thorp
Jer is a former geneticist with digital art practice that explores the many-folded boundaries between science and art. He is currently data-artist in residence at NY Times.
PANEL3 - Art and the Internet
Regine Debatty, Greg J. Smith and Rafael Rozendaal discuss internet as the platform for artistic expression.
17.00 - 17.40Josh Nimoy
Josh Nimoy is a multifaceted software artist producing interactive work which "addicts" the audience, through use of synaesthesia and simple game design fundamentals.
Meet and Greet
A chance to meet speakers and ask questions over a nice drink at the bar.

Featuring Resonate's 2012 Screening showcase by participating artists.
17.45 - 18.25Nicholas Felton
Nicholas Felton spends much of his time thinking about data, charts and our daily routines, now part of Facebook's product design team.
18.30 - 19.00Dragan Amrozic and Filip Visnjic (Closing)
Host of Dom Omladine and the main curator close Resonate
Break (2 hours)
21.00-23.00DJ Spooky, That Subliminal Kid
belgrade based live string quartet "Diferente" combined with sounds and visuals performed by DJ Spooky.

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