Arthur Carabott

Lecture, Workshop

Arthur Carabott is a musician, programmer and educator from London. His own education includes a degree in Music Informatics from the University of Sussex under Dr. Nick Collins (a.k.a Sick Lincoln) and a study of Carnatic (South Indian classical) music with Dr. Karaikudi S. Subramanian in Chennai, India.

His work ranges from interactive Olympic Park pavilions with Asif Khan, musical installations for Warp Records, Yuri Suzuki and Searu, visuals systems for Tim & Barry’s Just Jam live music shows, and composition commissions. He also teaches both music and programming in schools and runs courses for organisations such as The Roundhouse in London.

His interests are united by design as a catalyst for better results: from APIs that make software libraries more intuitive, to audio systems that encourage creativity, to ways of thinking that enhance learning; the way something is designed being an significant influence on the quality of results.