Bare Conductive

Lecture, Workshop

Bare Conductive is a design and technology studio founded in 2009 by Bibi Nelson, Becky Pilditch, Isabel Lizardi, and Matt Johnson. Based in London (UK), the company focuses on developing accessible platforms for people to get creative with technology. Through its conductive paint, starter kits and hardware, the Company’s goal is to make electronics engaging and intuitive by blending design and technology.

Bare Conductive’s unique product platforms, Electric Paint and the Touch Board, combine to provide users with a new take on the form and environment for electronics. Electric Paint, a non-toxic electrically conductive paint, provides an accessible platform for creating graphical circuits and sensors on practically any surface. When combined with the Touch Board, these two technologies enable anyone to build interactive interfaces. The Company sees its products as prototyping tools for designers, engineers, students, educators and professionals alike.

Bare Conductive strives to provide users with the tools to develop new technologies of their own, and to integrate it’s products into new and unique interfaces and applications. The Company encourages users to use its products to challenge existing perceptions of what electronics look and feel like.

Bare Conductive has been featured by the Guardian, CNN, BBC and the Observer among others, and has been nominated for several prestigious awards, including the Design of The Year, and the Prix Ars Electronica.