Bill Drummond


Bill Drummond was born in 1953. Since leaving Liverpool School of Art in 1973 he has used various ways to investigate and converse with the world. These investigations and conversations have sought expression via words music and actions.

His words have found their way into numerous books, over 500 different posters and The 25 Paintings. The books are now a pile and the pile keeps growing. The posters he continually prints and fly posts on walls around the world. The 25 Paintings are 25 very simple text paintings on 25 identical canvases (191cm X 135cm). These 25 canvases are annually over-painted with different words. These paintings act as signpost, advertisements and signals for the various activities he is working on. Between 2014 and 2025 The 25 Paintings are on a world tour. The world tour began under Spaghetti Junction, Birmingham it may end in Damascus, Syria, at which point The 25 Paintings will be complete.

The music between 1977 – 1992 comprised of various projects, from Big In Japan to The KLF, the details of which have now faded into the twilight world of pub pop quiz questions and car boot sale bargain box oddities. The music between 2003 – 2013 was a choir called The17. The17 was Drummond’s response to the ubiquity of recorded music. From its inception, The17’s end date was always known; it was to be 29 April 2013. In the early months of 2013, the Swiss film director Stefan Schwietert made a film about The17 entitled Imagine Waking Up Tomorrow Morning & All Music Has Disappeared. Drummond is the protagonist of the film. The premier will be on 25 April 2015. To know more about The17 visit:

The actions have been the one constant in his practice. There have been thousands over the years, nearly all carried out anonymously and left unrecorded.

From 1998 most of Drummond’s work has been framed within the context of The Penkiln Burn:

Over these past seventeen years this work has included the foundation of The Intercontinental Twinning Association, instigating the artist’s residency at The Curfew Tower in Ireland, the creating of The Soupline, the construction of various Cake Circles, the making and raffling of forty wooden beds in public spaces and becoming a international shoe-shine boy, street sweeper and window cleaner.

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty’s sculpture The Twenty-Three Year Moratorium will be completed by 23 August 2017.

Bill Drummond’s personal life is complicated.

Bill Drummond was born in Gcuwa, Africa. Where he dies is yet to be decided