Dejan Dramicanin (Bitgear)


Dejan is a founder and CEO of Bitgear, one of the fastest growing technology companies in Central and Eastern Europe. During engineering and managerial career in electronics, digital signal processing and digital telecommunications, he has worked on significant number of innovative and often ground-breaking projects and products. E&Y has awarded him an Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 in Serbia award, proving that an innovative twist can really create new value.
Dejan will talk about the upcoming Internet of Things (IoT) era from professional electronics makers perspective. Through the examples of reinventing the products used in everyday life, new and not so obvious applications will be indicated. The “makers approach” of creation of such applications will be described in case studies, touching the topics of devices and system architectures, machine learning, social weight, security, privacy, big data and related. The talk will illuminate innovation potential of the whole IoT area and invite public to try to create and make something new.
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