Dom Omladine, 16th of April


Lecture, Performance

English born but Berlin based Emika, a.k.a producer and songwriter Ema Jolly, has a background in classical piano and composition and was a sound designer for leading music production software company Native Instruments. After that she launched her artistic career and ever since has brought a fresh style to the ever-evolving world of electronic music, mixing her signature dark textures with beats and captivating vocals. Her last two albums Dva [2013, Ninja Tune] and Emika [2011, Ninja Tune] have proven that in spades, as well as winning her plenty of critical acclaim.

She describes herself as “making “pop, but with a hard edge, playing different sounds and intensities against each other. I try to stay on the fence, leaving the listener to create a sense of what it’s about – for me it’s all about tension.”” Emika’s next album will be released in spring 2015 on her own new label Emika Records. Happily making her own way in the world, she has the freedom to grow in different directions and she will soon record her first symphony in Prague for a 70 piece orchestra. As well as that she continues to DJ around the world, mixing up her influences in magical, floor pleasing ways.

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