Dom Omladine, 15th of April



ERUPTION appears on Belgrade artistic scene in the late 90′ as an electro-acoustic duo, bringing progressive approaches in instrumental string performing.
Two then students of Belgrade Music Academy –  Manja Ristić, violin and  Ivana Grahovac, cello – started the series of experimental sessions and improv concerts with the aim of discovering new synthesis in sound related arts.  While researching acoustic capacities of their instruments and at the same time building solutions for interpretation of specific electro–acoustic textures, duo developed performing skills of intuitive improvisation and live composing.
During 15 years of band’s existence Ivana and Manja reached audiences across Europe and further with their unique sensibility and music knowledge, collaborating with diverse artists while performing in Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, USA etc.

Since 1997 duo collaborated with wide range of academic composers, visual artists, multimedia artists, conceptual artists, poets, underground musicians and theater and movie directors. After multimedia event Octet commissioned for the celebration of 150 years from Nikola Tesla’s birth (2006), ERUPTION started permanent collaboration with Rastko Lazić, progressive electronic music composer and performer.