Dom Omladine, 15th of April



Hetem is Belgrade based musician and producer. His music is almost entirely instrumental, and is often described as dark and spooky, textured and atmospheric, with heavy bass and elements of drone, yet uplifting and danceable. Some parts of set is completely improvised while others are prepared and based around using loops and samples combined with synth and guitar playing. His live performances are supported by carefully prepared live VJ sets adding to unique emotional experience. As part of THUS FAR duo his music have been used for big scale audio visual installations.

In 2014 he released EP for NY based label Grinch Productions, that he is presenting in series of live shows Hetem shared stage with Marco Bernardi, TEREKKE, Fran Hartnett, Bleaching Agent, Truss… Performing on EXIT festival, Resonate festival, and in small underground venues as well.