Isabella Streffen

Isabella Streffen is a UK-based artist who works across media to respond to problems of perception, technology and narrative. She has a particular fascination for the hyperspectral, writes on drone culture and intelligence practices, and was awarded a doctorate for her research on strategies of military vision by Newcastle University in 2012. She has exhibited in Europe and the US,and held residencies at the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Hadrian’s Wall, the Library of Congress and the Terra Foundation for American Art. Recent exhibitions include Ways of Something (2014), Library Interventions (2014), Show Me The Money: the image of finance 1700 to the present (2014-16), Dronology (2013), Surreptitious Networks (2013), Magnificent Distance (2013), 5×5 (2012) and Pacific Binaries (2015). Isabella is co-editor of the AndOr Project and of #artwomen2015.