Isidora Ficovic


Isidora Ficovic is an artist from Belgrade, currently based in Austria where she is exploring interdisciplinary field through interactive art on Interface Cultures MA program, University of Art and Design in Linz. Her background education is the painting department on the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade; with BA/MA diploma and magister of painting diploma. She is using different forms and mediums of expression questioning reality, telling a story in a direct way working with a “tool”, art. Interactive participatory art-work, skills of different sources, martial arts and Bruce Lee, are her inspiration where body, mind and senses reveal itself in a various ways of communication. Her solo shows in Belgrade or Austria as well group exhibitions/festivals in Bucharest, London, Berlin, Istanbul, Denmark, Italy, USA, Slovenia and other places, brought her practice to a visibility of public. Organizer of collaborative projects and workshops “Border Disorder” which took place in Finland, Denmark, Serbia and Turkey; part of international workshops in Istanbul, Basel, Belgrade; and residency artist on ISCP, international studio and curatorial practice, New York, USA in 2011/10, International Summer Art Academy, Salzburg, Austria in 2010/8/7 and Platform Garanti Contemporary Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey in 2006.