Kamran Sadeghi


All Inn Records

It is known that music is a language with thousands of variations, and Kamran Sadeghi has been on a journey exploring all it’s various dialects. A kind of recluse on his own path, favoring the science of sound over hooks and conventional melodies. Sadeghi’s, productions are marked with hypnotic polyrhythms weaving through a vocabulary of finely shaped frequencies.

His live sets are both physical and cerebral – guiding the ear to travel across a sonic landscape while allowing the body to disco to firm downbeats buffeted by a stream of lighter accents. As a composer, music producer and sound designer Sadeghi draws from an innate urge to create harmony, rhythm and texture. His approach is both methodical and intuitive, keeping his technical and trained ear hidden in the vault of his mind to not disturb the chance of capturing the moment.

His early ambient and experimental work, under the moniker Son of Rose was routinely covered by The Wire magazine and put him on performance bills with the likes of Vladislov Delay, Fennesz, Taylor Dupree, among many other sonic voyagers.

After working for Morton Subotnick he decided to focus his attention as an installation artist bringing him to his most current post as core member of the eclectic sonic group Soundwalk Collective, whom have a wide range of collaborations with Berghain, Patti Smith, Jean-Luc Godard and more, with live
performances at Arma17, Centre Pompidou, Panorama Bar, Palais de Tokyo and many others.