Dom Omladine, 18th of April

Lenhart Tapes


Lenhart Tapes is a Novi Sad (Serbia) based musical project of Vladimir Lenhart. He started performing as a solo artist in October 2010, focusing on cassette tape sound manipulation. Based on ready-made principle, he uses diverse prerecorded material, mixing it live on top of original rhythmic loops, using four walkmans as musical instruments. As a long and passionate collector of audio cassettes, Lenhart was impressed by field recordings, ethno musicological content, spoken word and sound propaganda material, audio postcards and various other forms of tape art, which he blends into his own unique sound collage.

As a part of cooperation with other musicians, in 2013 he started the Lenhart Tapes Orchestra, a five piece ethno-noise ensemble that re-played and re-arranged the music he previously improvised on walkmans.

Lenhart Tapes is a part of Fijuk Network (