Paulien Dresscher


Paulien Dresscher is head of the new media department and curator of the MediaLab at Cinekid. Cinekid is an annual media festival for young people in Amsterdam with an international professionals conference. Crucial part of the festival is the MediaLab, a 1,200m2 interactive and digital playground where children and their parents, alongside teachers, professionals and policymakers get inspired in an active way by the latest developments in art, science and media technologies. Every year more than than fifty new games, installations, performances and workshops are being curated, commissioned and developed. In order to accomplish this, Cinekid works in close collaboration with many partners: an alternating international crew of acclaimed artists, coders, educators, art-students and institutions are part of the team. Well known names like, among others, Zachary Lieberman, Karolina Sobecka, Theodore Watson, Emily Gobeille, Daito Manabe, Isobel Knowles, MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarden Group, Disney Research Lab, Tiff Kids Toronto, Children’s Technology Review, and la Gaîté Lyrique are regular partners.

Since 1994 Paulien Dresscher is working as a researcher, filmmaker and educator in the field of new media and digital culture. Paulien Dresscher holds a Bachelor degree of Media and Fine Arts from Minerva Academy in Groningen, as well as both Masters in New Media and Research Masters in Media Studies from the University of Amsterdam. Educated both as an artist and a theorist, in her work she tries to construct meaningful connections between the theoretical and the practical while elaborating on the influences of technology in our mediated society.

Pictures above:

SUPERFEEL is an interactive installation developed by YesYesNo
Commissioned by Cinekid
Made possible by the Mondriaan Fund and Creative Industries Fund

Karolina Sobecka

Augmented Hands Series
Golan Levin, Chris Sugrue, Kyle McDonald