Tim Gfrerer


Tim Gfrerer is an artist, designer and computer programmer working in generative realtime 3D graphics, and space, virtual and real.

His most recent artwork “Ghost”, a collaboration with Thomas Eberwein and Simon Pyke, was featured in exhibitions including Eyebeam / New York and the Center for Contemporary Arts, Garage CCC / Moscow. It was commissioned by the EPFL+ECAL Lab.

Tim Gfrerer was born in Austria. He has Austrian and French citizenship, and is a current resident of Hackney / London, where he runs the research-led art+design practice Ponies & Light.

He holds a Mag.FH degree in InterMedia (technology/design) from the University of Applied Science Vorarlberg and a Masters degree in Narrative Environments from Central St. Martins University, London.

Before focusing on computer based art and research-led design, Tim followed a decade-long career as journalist and editor on staff with Austria’s national broadcaster, ORF, where he contributed fiction, non-fiction & programme concepts to Radio Österreich 1 and Radio FM4.

His passion for story continues to influence his work, which is often narrative and inspired by the craft of non-fiction storytelling.

Tim is a core contributor to the openFrameworks creative coding toolkit, where he focuses on the graphics stack.