Kinoteka, 13th of April 10AM - 6PM

Connecting Lights

Workshop by Andrea Cuius

The workshop aims to give you a wide overview on lighting and on the growing offer of affordable solutions to control led strips, lasers and other lighting fixtures. We’ll briefly cover some of the basics of Cinder and introduce you to different hardware devices such as the Enttec DMX Usb Pro, the PixelPusher, and the TLC5940. You will learn how to wire up the fixtures and how to control the system using custom software developed in Cinder.

DMX is an industry standard, there are countless lighting fixtures and effects that can be controlled with DMX, during the workshop you’ll learn about the protocol and how to control the lighting fixtures using Cinder and the Enttec DMX Usb Pro.

PixelPusher is a network based led strips controller, each device can drive eight strips of up to 480 RGB pixels at 60fps, the system can be designed with multiple devices to control thousands of pixels.

The TLC5940 is a daisy chainable 16 channel PWM driver, it can be used to control leds, servos and lasers. We’ll demonstrate how to use it in combination with Arduino to control laser modules.


Basic knowledge of Cinder and electronics (optional)
Cinder >= 0.8.6
Ethernet cable (>=2m)