Parobrod, 13th - 15th April, 10am - 6pm daily

Exquisite City

Workshop by James George and Alexander Porter

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Cities are constantly in flux. Global travel, social networking, and mobile phones have added invisible layers to the urban environment. In turn, algorithmic design and big data analysis have changed the way cities are built.

In the 1950s Guy Debord and the Letterist International invented the concept of psychogeography and the practice of Dérive. A Dérive is the act of drifting through a city observing the invisible layers that exist between the public and the built environment we inhabit. In the spirit of this practice, our workshop invites participants along on a new kind of Dérive. Take a journey with us to capture detailed 3D scans of Belgrade which we will collaboratively stitch together to construct an imaginary city.


During this three day workshop, students will participate in a walk through Belgrade capturing building-scale 3D scans of architectural facades. Using a technique called photogrammetry, students will scan architecture by taking many photographs to create three dimensional models. The collection of all the participants’ scans will be combined into any imaginary city block creating a map in the form of an exquisite-corpse.

Students will then interpret the map into their own audio-visual experiences using the creative tools of their choice. For example, they may generate renderings from 3D programs like Blender, experiment in real time with Unity, or manipulating the geometry in code with Cinder or openFrameworks.


No specific technical knowledge is required beyond an interest in photography and simple 3D software. Experience in advanced 3D applications or programming is a plus but not required. Students are encouraged to bring their own Mac or PC laptop and digital cameras.