Kinoteka, 16th of April, 10AM - 6PM


Workshop by Kimchi and Chips

This workshop introduces Rulr, an application for calibrating artistic devices with the physical world. In order for these devices to deliberately manipulate space and matter, they must be sufficiently aware of their physical relationship with the world. The toolkit creates geometric understanding between optical, mechanical and human objects.

Participants will work in groups to conceive and build a model scene, using simple materials such as thread, paper and foamboard, as well as mixed reality materials using projectors, structured light scanning and volumetric shading techniques. The result will be a semi-material physical sculpture which employs the capabilities of the toolkit, projectors and cameras.

Rulr is an open source node-based toolkit created by art studio Kimchi and Chips.  Users can create patches of nodes to calibrate cameras, projectors, tracking systems and  other devices, or can develop their own nodes using  openFrameworks and OpenCV.


Participants will need a laptop (OSX, Windows) with a decent GPU (think MacBook Pro). Bring adapters to connect to a HDMI projector as required.