Parobrod, 13th-15th April, 10am-6pm daily

SuperCollider : Zero to Light Speed

Workshop by Arthur Carabott

SuperCollider is an incredibly powerful, open-source, cross-platform, audio engine and programming language, used not only to create music, but also for machine listening, audio/music reactive installations, performance, interactive systems, research, live-coding and much more.

This workshop is aimed at those with little or no experience of SuperCollider, but are interested in applying their music or programming knowledge to the world of computer music and audio.

The workshop will be highly practical, a boot camp that starts with a sine wave, and ends with participants able to design their own synths, add generative audio to their exisiting openFrameworks / Processing / Cinder projects, and start a live-coded algorave.


Workshop participants are expected to have some prior knowledge of either programming, (text based or visual - Max/MSP / PD users welcome!) or be very experienced with existing music software (Ableton, Logic, etc). No experience with SuperCollider is necessary as we will be starting from scratch.

You will need your own computer (OSX / Windows/ Linux), and a pair of headphones, all other material will be provided. You are invited to bring any MIDI controllers / input devices, or applications that communicate via OSC.