Thursday 16th of April, 6pm Centar za kulturnu dekontaminaciju


Project by Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe

Scientists use electromagnetic pulses to create glitches on brain activity by altering neuronal currents. Such glitches may cause temporary failures that can be represented by disassembling the body. As if this would be malfunctioning or out of control. Mind expression through body and body expression through mind.

Transcranial explores these expressions, of mind and body, in an interactive performance where technology and human being play the embodied mind.


Transcranial is an ambitious, collaborative ‘performance in progress’ project by Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe, and co-produced by several festivals and organisations in Europe, including Resonate, STRP, CAN Labs and KIKK.

In 2014, Resonate hosted two weeks of artists’s residence in Belgrade that ended up with first iteration of Transcranial, a 15 minute performance at Bitef theatre in Belgrade. The performance was structured into three acts focusing on both face and body.

STRP Biennale and Resonate Festival are hosting a second phase of the project in 2015. The performance will be extended to 30 minutes and include new acts as well as refined iterations of the previous ones.

Resonate will not only host the performance but also an open workshop revealing the invisibles driving the interactive performance. Computer vision, face substitution, realtime audio-processing and electric impulses will be discussed and explained by the artists during the event.


For more information about Transcranial and technologies behind it, check CAN post here: