Astronomy staged as a live immersive performance

Dida Markovic (UK), Zaz Magic (DK), Nicolas Boritch (FR), Elie Zananiri (CA)

Entropy is a collaboration between artists and scientists which aims to frame a public lecture by professional astronomers staged as an immersive live audio-visual performance. Original music composed and performed live by mysterious sonic pioneers Dopplereffekt, will be integrated with a unique set of scientific visualisations of real data staged and directed by Antivj artists. For this first-ever public announcement of the project at Resonate, team members Dida Markovic, Zaz Magic, Nicolas Boritch and Elie Zananiri will present a work-in-progress, introducing the international team, the scenography, content, and demonstrate a selection of visualisation prototypes. The presentation will also go into the planned release of some of the project tools as open source for the scientific and artistic communities to use and further develop, an important aspect of the project.

Curated in collaboration with TodaysArt