Alec Empire & Zan Lyons present LOW ON ICE


Low on Ice was created in 1994 in a single session in Iceland, immediately after a festival appearance with Atari Teenage Riot, when Alec Empire “drove with buzzing ears to the great outdoors, seeking an exact opposite experience” in which to experiment with minimalist analogue electronic hardware.
It was an extended mood piece evoking the vast expanse of the arctic tundra, it’s sonorous landscape and sense of isolation dissolved time and space.
Recorded in a tent using minimal equipment – this was long before the era of the laptop – the result was one of the coldest and sonorous recordings made to date. Empire described it as “slowly drowning in ice water, seeing the sun moving further away from you.”
The album ‘Low On Ice’ (The Icelandic Sessions), a unique monument of atmospheric poignancy and sonic radicalism, was chosen amongst the 50 most important electronic music albums since the last 25 years by German Groove Magazine.

The new audiovisual live performance has been created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this seminal point in electronic music, and features a collaboration with laptop performer, violinist and and video artist Zan Lyons.



Curated in collaboration with Nuits Sonores.