I’m 37 old and I’m fascinating by electronic since I’m teenager. At that time, I used to opened, repaired and hacked every electronic stuff fallen in my hand (and from time to time destroyed too). I was particularly enthusiasting about Diy kits from 80’s.

I’ve re-discovered my firsts enthusiasms in 2009 when I’ve start to build some guitar effects and amps for myself, shared with the Diy community and for few  musicians around my city. I found many joy to do audio research for myself and share my work on the net.

In 2010, at the request of a musician friend, I made an analog ribbon controlled synth based on my analog dephasing filter’s research and choose to released it as a kit for hobbyists. This is the starting point of Razmasynth. Few month later, a friend of mine started the modular synthesis and show me his eurorack modular rack: That was a shock! I’ve immediately understood the advantage of this kind of support for a developer. The first Razmasynth module was released, named “Cthulhu” and directly based on the “Razmasynth mini” synthetizer. After selling a small batch of full mounted units, I come back to my firsts loves: Diffusing kits for hobbyists!

The meaning of Razmasynth modules kits are:

-The modules will resounds with personality, won’t be a clone of existing stuff, will be ergonomic and have professional conception.

-The building plan need to be the clearest possible to help the new diyers to self appropriate the module they will build, and push to hack them.

-The schematics are public & under creative commons licences.