Given the fact that he entered the world of the electronic rhythms at an early stage of his life, strongly influenced by the break culture, it was about a time that Milos Pavlovic aka Regen would start engaging the local scene and releasing music with at the first given opportunity.

At the age of seven, he started overcoming the fundamentals of music theory by attending an elementary music school in Belgrade, which proved to be an important step for his later full dedication to the sound.

During the ‘90s era, as there were no local record shops in Belgrade, being one of the few lucky young people at that time in Serbia, studying English courses in England and abroad, he started following his real obsession, collecting and buying vinyl.

His passion for the electronic music gained its’ concrete form in 1997. when he just turned eighteen and finally began playing in Belgrade’s underground clubs. At first came the residency of a famous Belgrade underground club Omen, where he played Thursdays. Soon after his first appearance in a local cult techno club Industria, at the start of the season 1998, he gained a weekly residency.

After years, naturally his love and dedication to music led him to start writing and producing his own music, so it was just a matter of time when his debit work came out in 2006. for the local compilation “Belgrade Coffee Shop – Area 6′′. Soon after, his diverse work injected some serious techno EP’s on labels such as Ilian Tape, Harry Klein Records, Traut Muzik, Deep Labs, Argumento.

Nowadays, Milos has a strong connection with his mother label Ilian Tape from Munich. He has been in touch with the label and infatuated with the philosophy behind it since the beginning and released most of his works on it under his moniker Regen. In his productions, Milos tends to strongly nurture traditional techno values from the 90’s, by always having in mind the past, the now and the future, so to say. In a Dj role, his sets are as sharp as his experience, tending to hold the audience attention to the highest peek of their imagination and giving them what they need, simply spellbinding.!