Rudi Punzo

Performance, Workshop

The Italian artist Rudi Punzo has always been entranced with the idea of metamorphosis and its relationship to the artist’s creative process – the transformation of one material into another. He combines this interest into musical kinetic works, resulting in a mesmerizing alchemy of wondrous sculptural and aural hybrids and the creation of artworks that combine sculpture, sound, video projections and performance into multi-sensory experiences. Animating recycled and discarded materials with renewable energy sources – most notably, solar energy – the sculptural elements in his works are transformed through his interactions with them, their own kinetic movements and the amplification and sampling of the sounds these elements create. He has exhibited his works in numerous galleries and museums, including the Haslla Museum in South Korea and the Kuandu Museum in Taiwan; and he has performed his works at such venues as Electro-Mechanica in Russia and FAD in Brazil. He also has presented his compositions and artworks at experimental music festivals and artist-in-residency programs through Europe, Russia, North and South America and Asia.



Supported by Istituto Italiano di Cultura Belgrado