Resonate believes that transferable knowledge is at the heart of the festival.

Able to inspire and motivate, involve new generations into contemporary trends without the delay that was characteristic for this geographic region in the previous decades.

The visitors will be offered a great insight into different facets of the multimedia practice, focused on education and practical application, sparking interest for the underlying topics of the event and preparing the audience for innovative practices characteristic for the scene.

Students in Serbia – Free Access

Resonate is committed to supporting students and will enable students from Serbia FREE access to day programme at Resonate 2016. These tickets require proof of being a student of higher education institution in Serbia – “Indeks” and are subject to application and availability. Students can also apply to participate in one day workshops taking place on Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday, 14th of April 2016.

Applications are now closed!

Artists/Designers and Professionals in Serbia – Bursaries

In addition to free student access, Resonate will this year support a number of exceptional students, professionals and artists working in the field. We are offering 10 bursaries to students, artists, educators and professionals that include free access to the festival, day and night programme, as well as free participation in one of the advanced paid workshops taking place between 11th April and 13th April.

Applications are now closed!

Resonate 2016 Educational Partners


Conference, 14th April, 10AM – 6PM
Live, 12th – 13th April, 10AM – 6PM

Conference workshops take place on the first day of Resonate Conference (Thursday) and Live workshops take place Tuesday and Wednesday. Workshops allow maximum of 15 participants. The purpose of these workshops is to provide an overview of the topic and get participants to understand practical applications of technology on the subject but at the same create a base for further learning. These workshops are public and they also allow visitors not participating to get to know the subjects.

Sign-ups for free 1-day workshops open in February 2016. Access to 1-day workshops is based on application process and all workshops are FREE if you have a related programme (conference, live or full) ticket to Resonate. Only a limited number of ticket holders are offered places at these workshops.

Applications are now closed!

Intensive Workshops

11th – 13th April, 10AM – 6PM daily

In addition to the regular workshops, we also have a small selection of intensive workshops taking place between 11th and 13th of April (10am-6pm daily). These workshops cost 150-250 EUR and places are available at first come first serve basis. Spaces to these are very limited. The aim of these workshops is to provide participants with deep understanding of the subject which could be transferred directly to applicable skill in both professional practice and personal artistic endeavour.

The intensive workshop tickets do not include main entry ticket to the festival. These workshops are private, not open to public and take place 2 or 3 days before the Conference – Monday (11th of April), Tuesday (12th April) and Wednesday (13th of April). If you are travelling from abroad, we recommend arriving to Belgrade on the 10th of April.


Resonate is proudly involved in different projects with an incredible array of partners!