WORKSHOP Kinoteka, 14th April, 10AM - 6PM

Algorithmic Control of Light

by Playmodes

This workshops aims to offer tools, resources and creative approaches for realtime control of standard DMX lighting equipment. This knowledge open the doors for creating innovative stage designs or interactive installations.

After a brief overview on some case studies, and by understanding lighting protocols such as DMX, Artnet, and network communication protocols as OSC, we can create tools that enable live usability of moving head lights, RGB Par Leds, stroboscopes…

On this workshop we’ll work with Max/MSP and OpenFrameworks to develop, modify and use software that will allow us control lighting fixtures through Low Frequency Oscillators and Time-lining.


Creative coders with some experience either on Openframeworks or visual coding platforms like Max/MSP or PureData. An installation of any (or both) of this 2 platforms is required.
Experienced lighting designers.