WORKSHOP Kinoteka, 12th April, 10AM - 6PM

Build & hack your own Modular Synth!

by Razmasynth

Razmasynth workshops consist of work groups in which each participant makes his/her own complete synthesizer module.

The module is specifically designed for wide usability, for people who are just starting out the modular journey, people who work with non-modular setups and for ones who already have a eurorack system. In each workshop you will receive a kit with a step by step manual and necessary parts.
You don’t need any experience in electronics as we will start from scratch, teaching soldering and follow the build manual together, step by step.

The Resonate 2016 module is purposefully designed Tactile Noise Generator which uses finger contact to produce sounds from Low Frequency to High Frequency Noise. In addition, sound oscillations are converted to tension and provide a CV Output from 0V to 4V, which can be used for control of other modules, synthesizers or DIY guitar pedals.

This module is designed as a Modular Synth DIY and can use any Eurorack compatible power supply or by a single 9V battery or adapter.

The Tools are provided and the price of the workshop is included in the price of the module that we supply.

The Workshop will not teach you everything about making your own modular synthesizer, but you’ll learn enough to have a nice start, distinguish components, learn basics of soldering, and how to populate printed circuit boards.

But be careful: Modular Synthesis is highly addictive!!!

Please note, a €15 extra fee for materials is to be paid upon arrival!