WORKSHOP Parobrod, 11th - 13th April, 10AM - 6PM Daily

Building Universes for M-O: A 28-iPad Sculpture

by Travis Kirton, Jake Lim and Logic&Form

Ever had the chance to design an interactive experience for 28 iPads? Now you do. M-O is a new interactive installation that, at its core, is a distributed multitouch screen made up of over two dozen tablets that wirelessly synchronizes interaction and animations across all its screens. For this year’s festival we’re open-sourcing a new artwork we’ve designed, and will be giving you the opportunity to dig into, tear apart, and rebuild your own artwork for M-O.

We will start with an introduction to C4, a creative-coding framework that focuses on interaction, animation and media for iOS, and then dive into the infrastructure that makes it possible to build an interactive work on multiple tablets, including animations that can span all screens, and how they communicate with one another. Along the way we’ll provide instruction on how to program, test, debug and – most importantly – design media for presentation on M-O.

After learning how to build basic examples with C4 and design shapes / components using programs like PaintCode, we’re going to hand over to you all the classes, components, and media we’ve used to create our new artwork and give you free reign to build your own Universe for M-O.

P.S. If we get really advanced, we’ll show you how to control M-O from an iPhone.