WORKSHOP Kinoteka, 14th April, 10AM - 6PM

Cheap, FAT and Open Synth

by Dennis P Paul and Jakob Bak

Join this workshop to assemble, program and play on your own CFO synthesizer.

Over the course of the last years the VSIONHAIRIES team has been building the CFO platform for DIY digital sound synthesis on cheap, physical, custom made PCBs (

The BODYSEQ synth combines a bare metal step sequencer interface with simple controllers for live performance in order to provide a cheap, easily programmable interface for adding your own sounds to your electronic music setup.

Using a newly developed, more modular synthesis framework, the 1-day workshop will focus on taking participants through the steps of: soldering up a synthesizer (easy); programming it with a set of predefined modules (easy); and give an introduction to make and integrate your own oscillators, filters, envelopes, etc. (advanced). Mixing different modules the BODYSEQ can play as a monophonic synth, chord-based harmonic generator or sample-based drum machine/sequencer.

At the end of the workshop we will connect all the newly build synths to each other and play together through the platform’s MIDI and sync capabilities.

Workshop leaders Jakob Bak and Dennis P. Paul collaborated last year at Resonate’15 on the work Automatic Orchestra, that utilised the synth framework to have 12 individual synthesizers play generative compositions together through networked interactions ( The same engine is here updated for greater flexibility and ease of use.



Some basic programming experience with Arduino/Teensy and/or C, C++ is recommended to gain most from the workshop, but novices to embedded programming can also assemble, upload and utilise the synthesizer.
Experience with soldering electronics is _not_ a requirement.

Bring a laptop running OSX, Linux or Windows.
Bring headphones.

Participants will assemble a kit consisting of PCB, potentiometers, LEDs, resistors, ICs, etc. and will be able to bring it home after the workshop for the price of the materials (TBD, but less than 60€).