WORKSHOP Kinoteka, 14th April, 10AM - 6PM

Crazy Fast Graphics: Intro to GLSL and Shader Programming

by Ricardo Cabello and Jaume Sanchez

Getting up and running with WebGL and shaders

Modern 3D graphics programming has advanced a lot in the last decades, and WebGL provides now easy access to the power of the GPU using JavaScript and a browser. The cornerstone of the programming capabilities are shaders, programs that tell the GPU how to display images on screen. WebGL shaders are written in GLSL, a relatively simple language with amazing possibilities. We’ll go through the programmable pipeline of modern GPUs, running shader code in the browser with WebGL, the operations available in GLSL and how to use them to display mind blowing graphics and make slow tasks blazing fast by harvesting the power of parallel computing on the GPU. At the end of the workshop we’ll try to combine all the participants work into a single demo, and create a collaborative audiovisual experience.


We will provide the project skeleton to code GLSL shaders.
-Basic JavaScript knowledge optional, in case you want to add some more features to the basic skeleton.
-Some previous familiarity with 2D and 3D drawing APIs is recommended: LOGO is fine, Processing is even better!
-Algebra also recommended!
-Laptop with OS X, Windows, or Linux, that can run a browser with WebGL (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), Chrome or Firefox advised.

Recommended: a mobile phone with a modern OS and browser, like Android 4+ or iOS 8+.