WORKSHOP Parobrod, 11th - 13th April, 10AM - 6PM Daily

Next Generation Visual Programming with VL

by Elias Holzer and Sebastian Gregor

Visual programming has been around since the early days of computers but has mostly been successful in niche markets for many years.

Computer sciences neglected visual programming mostly criticising its ack of readability and scalability and the fact that programming metaphors like object-orientation can not be expressed well and compact in a visual form.

With vvvv we’ve been on a mission to tackle those issues for around 15 years. In April 2015 we released a preview of VL, our new approach to visual programming that we claim will solve many of the known problems and open visual programming to a wider range of audiences.

Here is a list of VLs key features:
• patch your own types, dynamically instantiate them and manage them in collections
• has Interfaces, Generics, Delegates
• react to input asynchronously using the Observer design pattern
• compiles to .net IL code and can therefore produce executables and libraries that can be consumed on all modern operating systems
• comes with a large open-source library of code for most common tasks
• can import most .net libraries and display their types and functions as nodes ready for patching
• integrates into vvvv in that it lets you patch dynamic plugins for it

VL is still in an alpha-state but already usable for certain tasks. In
this workshop we’ll get you up and running with it and tell you
everything we know about it.

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• This is not a programming for beginners workshop
• You should feel comfortable in either vvvv or any programming language like C#, Java, C++, JavaScript,...
• Bring a Laptop running Windows 8.1 or 10