WORKSHOP Kinoteka, 14th April, 10AM - 6PM

Projection Mapping on People

by Elliot Woods

This workshop will introduce methods for projecting onto dancers, actors, or your audience. We’ll demonstrate a really simple way how to calibrate a video projector to a depth camera using Rulr (free and open source), and then stream or export that calibration into another application of your choice where you can apply patterns and graphics onto your subjects in an accurate and flexible way.

This workshop is sponsored by Orbbec who have developed their own community friendly depth sensor which they will provide for use at the workshop. The workshop will be led by guest workshop host Elliot Woods from Kimchi and Chips.




Windows laptop

-Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10

-GPU (GeForce 350m or better)


Mac laptop

-OSX 10.9 or later

-GPU (GeForce 350m or better)

It would be great if you have skills with a real-time graphics framework, either:

-Processing / VVVV / openFrameworks / Quartz Composer

-VDMX / Modul8 / etc

-Anything that supports Syphon or DirectX11 shared textures

Depth cameras will be provided by workshop hosts Orbbec. Kinect V2 is also supported.