WORKSHOP Parobrod, 11th - 13th April, 10AM - 6PM Daily

Wear Your Tech

by Daniel Hirschmann

This is a design and technology workshop – in equal parts. It will focus on one of the most intimate kinds of technology, the wearable. We will use design thinking methods, rapid prototyping and human centered technology to push the boundaries and create a collection of wearable prototypes.

The origins of wearables stems from both ubiquitous computing and the quantified self. Its history includes the first calculator watch in the 80s all the way to holographic optics used in the military. And yet the world of the wearable seems to have really only just begun for most technologists and designers. Fitness trackers, notification jewellery, VR headsets, or basic controllers barely scratch the surface of what is really possible.

This technology can be inclusive and exclusive; can save lives and waste time; can cost anything from 5€ to 30,000€.

The workshop will create the circumstances to test your ideas and abilities – and extend them! The results could form the beginnings of big projects, boundary pushing ideas, or even become a lifelong mission.

Included in workshop fee:

35€ Hardware


Curated in collaboration with European Lab.



•Rapid prototyping will be a huge part of this workshop, so participants must have prior experience with Arduino (or compatible device) in order to bring their ideas to life quickly.
•Please bring an Arduino (or compatible product) and any sensors & outputs you may want to have on hand.
•Comfort with basic electronics.
•A laptop/computer with latest Arduino IDE installed, tested, and good to go!