Belgrade 19-22 April
Gabber Eleganza

20 April

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Gabber Eleganza

Gabber Eleganza started as a curated web archive in 2011, which is a constant research of material mainly focused on the aesthetic side of the post-rave and gabber culture. The purpose is to revalue this subculture often denigrated creating a cultural interest.
Gabber Eleganza has gained a remarkable success during these years, especially among those who are not part of the hardcore scene, that’s why as part of a inner self new challenge, in 2016 he started taking this project outside the web, doing performances, djsets & art exhibitions.

“The Hakke Show“ performance is a proper 100% oldschool hardcore and early rave sound djset with the interaction of gabber-dancers on stage with their fast-cutting-air-moves, an hyper powerful and physical performance with a primitive intensity.
After his debut at the Carsten Holler’s Fara Fara festival in Milan (Hangar Bicocca) “The Hakke Show“ he’s touring EU in festival,
art space and dirty underground locations.

Gabber Eleganza first ep. will be released on the Lorenso Senni’s Presto.

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