Belgrade 19-22 April
EOAN by Florence To

19 April

6:30 pm
EOAN by Florence To

EOAN is a participatory installation exploring the relationship between sound, light and the natural resonance of architectural space. The installation composed of optic panels and aluminium pipes create rhythmic reflections and spatial sound resonance that distort, heighten and shape our perception of the space. The audience, interacting with the installation, experience sensory tensions caused by sound, temporality and the resonance of the environment.

Biography of the artist:
As a designer first, graduating with a Masters in Design at the Glasgow School of Art in 2008 practicing techniques in crafts within textiles and tailoring for 8 years, Rotterdam based artist Florence To merged her skills into digital technologies in 2011 designing and performing audiovisual installations. To originally developed her installation work in underground and disused spaces using its defects as an advantage. During the beginnings of working in these spaces she became aware that the presence of individuals would become part of the space which guided her process to research further into psychology and emotional triggers within vibrations. To’s intention is to explore the effects of experience within space through researching the creation of the physical presence within vibrations, and how different sensory arrangements can create an emotional and psychological impact. The Scottish born Artist has collaborated with composers and commissioned by institutes such as Ricardo Donoso, Alex Menzies, 4DSOUND in Budapest and The Society of Arts and Technology in Montreal. In 2017 she was awarded a Creative Research Artist Fellowship to explore the activity and research interests of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience in Edinburgh.

The exhibition is realized within the framework of ENCAC – European Network for Contemporary Audiovisual Creation.

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