Belgrade 19-22 April
Signals by Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva

19 April
Signals by Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva

7 pm
Signals by Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva

SIGNALS is an on-going collaborative project by artists Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva consisting of a series of computer generated video works that revisit a broad and persistent theme in both Sassoon and Silva’s practices; the depiction and alteration of nature through computer technology. Each video work displays a dynamic panorama of an ocean infused with a foreign substance, replicating a vision of open waters infected by an abnormal matter. In space, the project takes form as a monumental installation composed of seamless video projections covering a large screen structure within the gallery space. SIGNALS is exhibited at a specific scale designed to emulate life-size panoramas towards seascapes. Both based in the Pacific Northwest, Nicolas Sassoon and Rick Silva reflect on their relationship to their natural surroundings through this collaborative project.
SIGNALS is a speculative vision of the natural world exposed to permanent human alteration. The project operates like a science-fiction setting; inviting the viewer to contemplate on various simulated realities. Produced by pairing complementary fields of research from both artists in computer imaging, the video works are associated to humming soundtracks evocative of an unnatural presence within the landscape. The manifestation of the work in space also expands on notions of monumentality and immersion through the use of technological displays, objectifying technology as an environment scaled to human architecture.

Biography of the artists:
Nicolas Sassoon makes use of early computer imaging techniques to render visions of architectures, landscapes and natural forces. Sassoon’s practice translates ideas of materiality and immateriality into digital animations, installations, prints, and sculptures. His work explores the contemplative and projective dimensions of screen-based space, and how the digital image can express dimensions of the physical realm. While most of his output is published online, Sassoon also materialises his web-based practice into a wide range of Medias. His visual research often leads him to engage in cross-disciplinary projects in the fields of architecture, electronic music, textiles, and art. Nicolas is a founder of the collective W-A-L-L-P-A- P-E-R-S. His work has been exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art (US) Eyebeam (US), 319 Scholes (US), Vancouver Art Gallery (CA), Plugin ICA (CA), Contemporary Art Gallery (CA), Charles H.Scott Gallery (CA), Western Front (CA), PRETEEN Gallery (MX), Victoria & Albert Museum (UK), the Centre d’Art Bastille (FR), Arti et Amicitiae (NL), MU Eindhoven (NL), Today Art Museum (CN), the Berlin Fashion Week (DE)) and the New-York Fashion Week (US).

Rick Silva is an artist whose recent videos, websites and images explore notions of landscape and wilderness in the 21st century. Silva’s art has been shown in exhibitions and festivals worldwide, including Transmediale in Germany, Futuresonic in the U.K. and Sonar in Spain. His projects have been supported through grants and commissions from organisations such as Rhizome and The Whitney Museum of American Art. Recently WIRED called his videos “glitchy, curious things; some mesmerising, some arresting.” He frequently works with the experimental gallery spaces TRANSFER Gallery (NYC) and Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR).

Silva has been awarded Career Opportunity Grants from both the Oregon Arts Commission and the Ford Family Foundation.
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