Belgrade 19-22 April
Martin Schneider

19. April

Martin Schneider

Martin Schneider works and teaches at the intersection of art, code and crafts. He is the founder of bitcraftlab, an imaginary lab dedicated to explore the convergence of craft and computation and owns a couple of knitting machines and a laptop. He lives in Germany, where he teaches algorithmic thinking and creative coding at the Bauhaus-Uni in Weimar and the Uni of Applied Sciences in Mainz.
Martin is a great fan of the Processing community and the open source movement. He loves to use sketches as a tool for thought and exploration, and has created a library or two. He is deeply intrigued by the visual aesthetics that can emerge from simple programs and likes to explore concepts of mathematics, self-organisation, evolutionary design and artificial life.
He collaborated with artists on installations involving Video Games, Computer-Augmented Crafts, Generative Video-Processing, Neural Networks, and more recently a big number of ballpit balls, giving rise to a really really big number of ballpit ball configurations.
With the help of some great people, Martin initiated a couple of events like the rule110 winter workshops on cellular automata, turtle craft workshops on computational embroidery, and the Textile Resistance lecture series. Martin hasn’t achieved much in life but he likes what he’s doing, and likes to inspire others to do the same.
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