Belgrade 19-22 April
KOMA Elektronik Field Kit DIY
Starts at 10:00 to 18:00

19 and 20 April

Workshop Tutors

Otto Mikkonen

KOMA Elektronik Field Kit DIY

At the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit DIY workshop, each participant will build his/her own KOMA Elektronik Field Kit and experiment with electro acoustics using the freshly build unit. The workshop is divided in two parts: the building part (first day) and the experimentation part (second day)

During the first part, the participants will go through the process of building a Field Kit for themselves. Guidance will be given by the KOMA experts to make sure everybody is able to finish his/her unit. No advanced electronics skills are needed for the build, but some existing soldering experience is expected. The price of the workshop includes all the parts needed for completing a whole Field Kit and all the necessary tools are provided by the organizers.

During the second half of the workshop, local sound artists experienced in the field of electro acoustics will guide the participants into the techniques suitable to be used together with the Field Kit. The participants are provided with an array contact microphones, coil microphones, motors, speakers etc., and guided through methods on how to use them creatively in sound design work.

The price for the workshop is including all the materials needed for completing the Field Kit and a day of experimentation.

Workshop cost: €200
Places available: 10


Otto Mikkonen is a finnish electronics engineer and a musician residing in Berlin. Originally from northern Finland from the finnish Lapland, he studied electronics and sound technology in Tampere University of Technology in southern Finland, in addition to studying in Universidad Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona as part of the Audiovisual Systems Engineering program. His current activities include working for KOMA Elektronik for whom he designed the Field Kit Electro Acoustic Workstation, in addition to working as an electronics freelancer in the Berlin area. His main interests in the field of electronics are analogue sound synthesis and audio processing circuitry.

At Resonate 2017 his participating on behalf of KOMA Elektronik conducting a workshop in building the Field Kit Electro Acoustic Workstation.
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