Belgrade 19-22 April
M U T A T 3 D _ 2 . 0
Starts at 10:00

20. April

Workshop Tutors


M U T A T 3 D _ 2 . 0

/ create your own 3D avatar and bring it to life /

Participants will be introduced to number of accessible prosumer grade tools and free online apps to create their own digital avatar and apply body-motion data to it.

The workshop will be heavily practical with a lot of hands-on experience and knowledge. Participants will be able to test out several 3D scanners and motion capture suit.

Pussykrew will deliver a short artist talk about their practice. (3D animation / video / installations / 3D printing / 3D scanning / motion capture // DIY tools / self-thought / – existing and building the creative practice in-between the club environment, corporeal, tech and the art world)

Selected participants will be scanned with 2 different 3D scanning devices and get to try out a small motion capture system to record the body movement.
Afterwards, everyone will have a chance to experiment with the provided files and create their own character.

Participants will be able to try out the scanners and motion capture themselves, scan each other, modify the files, and get creative with it. Pussykrew will provide helpful tips on preparing and processing the scan, cleaning the motion capture data as well as useful tool and 3D + mocap hardware and software possibilities.

#3Dscanning #motioncapture #DIY #processingthedata #virtualself #makeitdance #digitalselfie


-Pussykrew Introduction [ 30 – 40 minutes ]:
recent projects, overview of the technical and conceptual details behind Pussykrew’s work //

-3D Scanning session [ 1h ] -Motion capture session [ 1h ] -Creating the avatar [ 1h ]

Pussykrew is an interdisciplinary duo of Tikul and mi$ gogo. Their creative practices range from 3D animation, short video forms and experimental sculpture design. Pussykrew creates videoclips, weird visuals or multimedia installations, constantly exploring new tools and their own limitations. Pussykrew is originally from Poland, developed globally via Ireland, UK, Berlin, Brussels, Shanghai, LA and various online environments. They are currently based nowhere (or everywhere).

Pussykrew is creating gender-bending visual journeys, exploring post-human concepts, futuristic transformations, fluid identities. By dealing with the issues of materiality, they are creating new synthetic-organic forms that are constantly in the process of mutation. Their fascination for virtually generated environments motivates them to play with the contrast between deconstructed digital images and sterile cinematic poetry. Their works have been presented in various contexts – at film festivals, galleries, in between the club environments, slumber party raves and high tech fairs. Pussykrew is into DIY ethos, free flow and liminal states.

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