Belgrade 19-22 April
Machine learning for artists
Starts at 10:00 to 18:00

17 - 19 April
KC Grad

Workshop Tutors

Gene Kogan
Andreas Refsgaard

Machine learning for artists

This workshop will introduce practical tools for applying machine learning in creative and artistic practice. Machine learning is a field dedicated to teaching computers how to perform tasks given examples and human oversight, and has been used by artists, musicians, and designers to add a dimension of machine intelligence and interaction to their work. We will focus on core algorithms used for discovering patterns in complex multimedia data, including images, sounds, and text. We will learn how to use neural networks to create real-time, cross-modal interactions for use in video, installation, live music performance, and physical computing. We will also provide a suite of tools and code for clustering, visualising, and searching through large collections of multimedia. Prior coding experience in a text-based or patch-based programming environment–especially in creative coding frameworks like Processing and OpenFrameworks, or in Python, or Javascript–would be helpful, but is not necessary to get the most out of the class.

Throughout the workshop we will be working with various sensors and gadgets. Participants on this workshop will be asked to bring any sensor of their own that they might want to use. These can include any of the following: kinects, leap motions, eye trackers, midi controllers, myo armbands, etc.

Workshop Cost: €250
Places Available: 15

Co-curated with Sonar+D as part of We are Europe

Gene Kogan is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative systems, artificial intelligence, and software for creativity and self-expression. He is a collaborator within numerous open-source software projects, and leads workshops and demonstrations on topics at the intersection of code, art, and technology activism. Gene initiated and contributes to ml4a, a free book about machine learning for artists, activists, and citizen scientists. He regularly publishes video lectures, writings, and tutorials to facilitate a greater public understanding of the topic.

Andreas Refsgaard is an interaction designer from Denmark. He graduated from CIID in 2015 and is now running Copenhagen based creative coding studio Støj with fellow CIID alumnus Lasse Korsgaard. Andreas is the creator of Eye Conductor, which helps people express themselves through music using only their eyes and facial gestures. Recently Andreas has been exploring artistic applications of machine learning and teaching other designers how to use machine learning for real-time interactive projects.
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