Belgrade 19-22 April
Make Your Own Programming Language
Starts at 10:00

20. April

Workshop Tutors

Daniel Temkin

Make Your Own Programming Language

Programming languages are no longer just tools; they have become a means for experimentation and self-expression. Esolangs (“esoteric programming languages”) make code out of punctuation, images, or whitespace, and build compilers that use existing text as unintentional programs. They challenge Western assumptions about what code should look like, and comment on how we communicate with the machine and with each other. They’ve been taken up by code artists for languages enacted as physical gestures, and by poets building on codework and Oulipo.

This workshop will begin with an overview of esolangs, taking a close look at specific pieces from both conceptual and technical perspectives. From there, we will collectively brainstorm new ideas for languages, and talk out how we can construct them. I’ll show the beginnings of how to script parsers in JavaScript for those who want to take it further. While some familiarity with JavaScript is helpful, this workshop is open to anyone comfortable with code who wants to try their hand at designing strange new languages.

Workshop Cost: Free

Daniel Temkin makes images, programming languages, and interactive pieces that use the machine as a place of confrontation between human thought and logic. His blog, 2014 recipient of the grant, documents the history of programming languages as an art medium. He has presented on the subject at SXSW, SIGGRAPH, Media Art Histories, and ISEA, and has published in journals such as Leonardo, World Picture Journal, and Media-N. Daniel regularly performs readings from his Internet Directory project, a 37,000+ page loose-leaf book of all the .COM domains in alphabetical order; he received a commission from the Webby Awards to build an online version, a scroll of domains that takes two years to watch. His work has been featured in ArtNews, the New York Times, and the Boston Globe.
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