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Gjøa Orheim

Gjøa Orheim is a feminist activist living in Tromsø, Norway. Her background is in the field of contemporary art, which she studied for 4 years before taking the leap towards cultural production. In 2015 She joined the staff of Insomnia festival. As a result, her music interest developed from being a consumer to becoming a participant in the local music scene. First by organizing parties, and later by playing. She is one half of the feminist dj duo, Dj Klitter, which started as a political statement, but kept on for the pleasure of playing music. She has pushed for local womxn to start playing music in the very male dominated scene of the city, by organizing practices, workshops and parties for the womxn to unfold. Since August 2017 she is the managing director of Insomnia Festival.

Photo credit: Isak Dalsfelt