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Hior Chronik was born in Athens in 1974. His relationship with music began with him working as a radio producer on Jazz FM as well as editor in several music magazines. Dealing with the production started seven years ago and attention has turned to minimalist ambient piano patterns. His music has dressed several films, documentaries and art performances and to his debut album with the title “I’m a tree” was released in 2010 by
 Enregistrements Variables, with partnerships constitute a core inspiration for him and motivation music production. The second solo album entitled “Unspoken words” released in November 2011 by the Mu-Nest. Hior has another side project under the name Pill-Oh and they released the album” Vanishing Mirror “, in Kitchen Label in 2012. Two years after his solo work for Kitchen.Label called Vanishing Mirror” includes many collaborations with Sophie Hutchings, Field Rotation, Haloetc. After that he made two collaboration album with Mikael Delta for Sun Sea Sky productions called ” The First Ray” and Arovane for ASIP titled “In Between”. The year 2017 is the most productive one for Hior Chronik. Another one release with 
Arovane called “Into my wont” released last May and his personal solo work for 7K! Label
”Out of the dust” last December.
Curated in collaboration with Reworks festival for the We Are Europe collaboration.