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How can we work to challenge systematic gender inequality in music industry?

Why does some music reach out to many, yet so much does not? Why are women still underrepresented? In this panel we would like to raise these and other questions about the inequalities in different parts of music industry. We would like to especially address the unbalance in the representation of the different genders. We aim to tackle the questions of systematic underrepresentation of women in the music industry and how to change it.

Let’s not spend more time discussing whether there is misogyny in the music industry or not. Let’s accept the facts that are in front of us – and rather find ways on how to change them.

The panel is presented together with Insomnia Festival as part of the We Are Europe collaboration.


Selena Simić, drummer and head of Rock Camp for girls mentor team
Lana Borić, regional PR for Sonus festival
Insomnia festival