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Brainrave set w/ Aeon Industries

Kamixlo’s music lies at the riveting, emergent edge of grime, reggateon and experimental bass dimensions. The London-located producer’s Demonico EP with Visionist’s Codes X Pan marked outbold, unique new territory between established poles, a sound whichhe’s key in fostering at the Bala Club events and with his NTS show,which will soon be showcased on the forthcoming Bala Clubcompilation + a second solo EP.

At the crux of new club movements lead by pan-latin diaspora artists, Kamixlo’s music been compared and aligned with Berlin’s boundary-pushing Janus Club sound, who just recently shared a 2 room event with Bala Club at Corsica Studios feat. M.E.S.H., TotalFreedom b2b Sami Baha, Uli K, Chino Amobi and Nkisi, a.o.