Josh Nimoy at Resonate 2012

Belgrade New Media Festival, Serbia


Josh Nimoy at Resonate 2012

Josh Nimoy is a multifaceted software artist with a design and new media arts education. He makes a heavy use of computer programming to produce a lot of his work, and allows the world of code to inspire both is process and his aesthetic. Josh is interested in producing interactive work which “addicts” the audience, through use of synaesthesia and simple game design fundamentals. Josh has spent the last half decade writing simulations and custom generators in Hollywood for use in Film and Television, most notably the hologram elements in TRON:Legacy. Josh has recently re-invented himself as the senior staff media and visual designer in the language and prototyping group in Motorola Mobility’s Consumer Experience Design department, where he dove rather heavily into Android OS development, and thoroughly enjoys it.

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Resonate on RTS2 (Video)

In case you missed TV report on Radio Television Serbia 2 about Resonate, you can watch it below. Features Dj Spooky, Jer Thorp, Karsten Schmidt, UVA, Field, Champagne Valentine and festival director Marija Jelesijevic and it’s curator Filip Visnjic.

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Els I.R.L Vermang – LAb[au] at Resonate 2012

The technological developments of the past fourty years have given rise to a major shift from the industrial to the post-industrial information society, where the unit of information, its processes and systems, increasingly define the notions of body, matter, space and time. According to this technological progress, LAb|au| examines the transformation of architecture, art and design within the interactive, reactive and generative realm.

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Video of Resonate 2012 by Connaissance des Arts

French magazine Connaissance des Arts came to Resonate and created this little video including interviews with festival’s director Maria Jelesijevic and it’s curator Filip Visnjic.

Video after the jump.

We are also being told that artist interviews are coming soon..


Greg J. Smith at Resonate 2012

Greg J. Smith is a Toronto-based designer and researcher with interests in media theory and digital culture. Extending from a background in architecture, his research considers how contemporary information paradigms affect representational and spatial systems. Greg is a designer at Mission Specialist and a contributing writer at Creative Applications Network [CAN]. His writing has appeared in a variety of publications including: Rhizome, Current Intelligence, Vectors, the Handbook of Research on Computational Arts and Creative Informatics and Vague Terrain (which he co-founded in 2005). Greg has presented work at venues and institutions including Eyeo Festival (Minneapolis), the Western Front (Vancouver), DIY Citizenship (Toronto), Medialab-Prado (Madrid) and Postopolis! LA. He is currently an adjunct instructor in the CCIT program (U of T Mississauga/Sheridan College).

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Resonate 2012 by Agency Republic – Video

Agency Republic’s creative team from the design and tech departments took a trip to the Resonate Festival in Belgrade.
After having a great time they came back with this nice video to show what had impressed & inspired them.

Director & Editor: Heiko Winter
Music: Bonobo – Brace Brace

Agency Republic

dj spooky-resonate

Resonate 2012 Documentary on RTS2 – Friday, 13th April

Friday, 13th April 2012 at 23:45 local time on RTS2 televison chanel – documentary about Resonate festival featuring interviews and more:

“In a series of diverse festivals that Belgrade has gained over the past few years, the Festival of New Media ”Resonate”, which was first held in mid-March at Dom Omladine, offered a radically new platform for dialogue on many aspects of  the creative digital and virtual realm, noting that just direct encounters and exchanges of experience in the digital era gain high exclusivity” Read more

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DMX/openFrameworks Lighting workshop with Andreas Müller

Building from the simple idea that everyone gets a bit bored of screens from time to time right, at Resonate 2012 Andreas Müller together with 12 workshop participants explored different outputs from custom openFrameworks software to different light fixtures. Andreas went through the basics of the DMX, the standard protocol to interact with light fixtures of every shape and size. Andreas also looked at how a few different types of light fixtures are controlled by it and will wrote openFrameworks applications that take control of the lights. Participants in the workshop left with a better understanding of DMX and it’s interaction light fixtures and gained some hands on experience by creating their own light controlling software.

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onedotzero screenings at Resonate 2012

onedotzero is an international moving image and digital arts organisation which commissions, showcases and promotes innovation across all aspects of moving image, digital and interactive arts. The organisation, founded in 1996, is known for representing a diverse array of artistic endeavour via the annual onedotzero_adventures in motion festival and associated touring. It has a cross media and collaborative approach attuned to technological advances and fast paced change within digital arts and the contemporary cultural landscape.

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