James Auger at Resonate 2013

Belgrade New Media Festival, Serbia


James Auger at Resonate 2013

James Auger is a designer, researcher and lecturer operating at the intersection of art and industrial design. He is a tutor at the RCA: Design Interactions and visiting professor at the Haute école d’art et de design (HEAD) in Geneva. Together with Jimmy Loizeau, James runs Auger-Loizeau – design studio based in London, and they have been collaborating on projects since the concept of the Audio Tooth Implant which was first conceived in October 2000.

[Industrial] Design is mostly concerned with the process of bringing products to market, making them desirable and therefore saleable. With a slight sideways step, Auger-Loizeau believes that by removing the commercial aspect from the requirements of the object, ID it can adopt a whole different agenda, questioning the process that gives birth to it rather than blindly conforming to it. In this way design can comment on consumer culture, the role of products and the ubiquity and function of technology. It becomes a tool for questioning rather than problem solving. Through the development and dissemination of speculative and critical products and services they hope to instigate a broader analysis of what it means to exist in a technology rich environment both today and in the near future.

Their goal is for this analysis to take place over a broad a spectrum. Thus their work may be seen anywhere from Wired magazine to The Sun newspaper, or as a demo in a public square in Linz to an exhibition in Beijing. Many of their projects are self-generated and self-funded but they also participate in industry funded research projects, commissions, workshops and the very occasional commercial project.



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