Belgrade New Media Festival, Serbia


Andreas Gysin – Resonate at Belef 2012

Belef “Festival of Festivals” invited Resonate to participate at its latest event in Belgrade in July 2012. We brought Andreas Gysin to give a workshop and a lecture at the HUB Gallery in Belgrade.

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Resonate at Belef 2012

In association with this years BELEF festival (Belgrade Festival of Festivals), Resonate is please to announce a specially curated music programme in combination with a free workshop and a lecture!

As always, we have joined forces with Dom Omladine in Belgrade to host this unique music programme. On Wednesday 25th July Dom Omladine is the host to Nemanja Aćimović, Vukašin Marković and Boris Mladenović, this fantastic new project from the heart of Belgrade underground. Repetition is a means of exploring the outer limits of rock music, premiering in the city! On Thursday, 26th July you are in for a special treat! Kicking off at 8pm is the Mixed string quartet performing one of Serbia’s most important contemporary music composers – Vuk Kulenović and at 9.30pm, Kim Gordon and Ikue Mori!! Kim has sung and played bass and guitar in Sonic Youth and Ikue Mori who was first the drummer for seminal no wave band DNA, now working of a laptop breaking the sounds of digital percussion. This duo will leave you speechless!

In the spirit of Resonate, we have also put together a small but amazing educational programme. Born in Zürich, Andreas Gysin lives and works as graphic designer between Berlin and Lugano. Writing custom programs is part of his design process independently of the output medium. He also teaches interaction design and programming at ECAL, Lausanne and in SUPSI, Lugano and in workshops worldwide.

Between 26th and 27th July, Andreas will be hosting “The Abyss” a Processing workshop about graphics, animation, interaction and polymorphism. Aimed towards those with a basic Processing knowledge and those with none, participants will learn how to create geometric forms from primitive drawing functions and how to animate them procedurally in 3d space.

Participation is by application only. Apply here

As a close to Resonate at BELEF, Andreas will also give a talk, taking the audience through a few projects ranging from screen, print and public installation – and the custom software tools which made them possible and how they eventually shaped the final result. Andreas will also present and discuss the results from the Resonate workshop.

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DMX/openFrameworks Lighting workshop with Andreas Müller

Building from the simple idea that everyone gets a bit bored of screens from time to time right, at Resonate 2012 Andreas Müller together with 12 workshop participants explored different outputs from custom openFrameworks software to different light fixtures. Andreas went through the basics of the DMX, the standard protocol to interact with light fixtures of every shape and size. Andreas also looked at how a few different types of light fixtures are controlled by it and will wrote openFrameworks applications that take control of the lights. Participants in the workshop left with a better understanding of DMX and it’s interaction light fixtures and gained some hands on experience by creating their own light controlling software.

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RGB+Depth filmmaking workshop with James George and Alexander Porter

On Friday 16th September 2012, James George and Alexander Porter held a workshop at Resonate to premiere their newly developed Kinect-based DSLR+Depth video system. The workshop explored the notion of “re-photography”, in which otherwise fixed camera perspectives may be visualized from new points of view. To compose their shots, the workshop participants used a custom openFrameworks application aligns and combines color video and depth data into a dynamic sculptural relief. This tool allowed participants to select new angles, dollying, and zooming — to compose new perspectives on the data as if playing a video game. Fixed camerawork is thus transformed into a malleable and negotiable post-process, in which shots were carefully recomposed to highlight and inflect different latent meanings.

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