Belgrade New Media Festival, Serbia

Resonate believes that transferable knowledge is at the heart of the festival, able to inspire and motivate, involve new generations into contemporary trends. Resonate visitors have a chance to relate practical application of technology with a sound theoretical base and thus complete a full picture about technological processes and creative strategies which shape the potentials of the multimedial artistic expression. Resonate is about:

  1. Relating practical application of technology with a sound theoretical base.
  2. New platforms for artistic expression, both at location and online.
  3. Theory and practice lectures.
  4. Debates and discussions by leading world thinkers.
  5. Workshops and hands-on experience.
  6. Building an archive of easily accesible learning resources.
  7. Q&A sessions – Ask anything.

Part of this commitment is allowing regional students in Serbia free access to Resonate events. Each year when the festival takes place, around 200 students from Serbia are offered free entry to Resonate. Workshops are also free to students in Serbia and to ticket holders. Resonate also partners with both regional and international education institutions to build relationships and exchange of knowledge and skills. In 2012, Resonate partnered with University of Westminster in London, Architectural University in Belgrade, School of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade and the Arts Academy to both deliver part of Resonate programme and to offer students of these institutions access to Resonate and learning programmes.

In 2012 Resonate launched “main”, new website dedicated to opening a dialogue between Resonate audience and festival participants. The new online platform titled “Resonate – Platform for Art and Technology” aims to deliver the following:

1. Regular updates on the event developments
2. Videos / Tutorials / Workshop Sessions
3. Tips and Tricks and Resources
4. Festival video documentation including full lecture recordings.

More educational links:

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We welcome collaboration. If you are a lecturer or educator at higher education institution and would like to partner with Resonate, please get in touch.

If you have any questions regarding education events at Resonate please get in touch with us at