Belgrade New Media Festival, Serbia

Resonate Festival takes place once a year in Belgrade, Serbia. It attracts around 1000 visitors daily and offers a range of different activities including talks by leading artists and theorists in the field of digital media, workshops, panel discussions / debates and night music performances including live acts and dj sets.


Belgrade is the capital and largest city of Serbia. The city lies at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, where the Pannonian Plain meets the Balkans and was the birthplace of the largest prehistoric culture of Europe. It has an urban population of 1.2 million, while the metropolitan area has more than 1.7 million people, making it one of the largest cities of Southeastern Europe. Belgrade is both a place to unwind and to amp up (NYTimes). Most world airlines fly to Belgrade and the recent introduction of budget airlines’ flight to Belgrade, travelling here has never been more affordable and convenient. For example a flight from London with WizzAir could cost around £70 and takes 2.75 hours with easy bus and taxi connections to the city centre. There are also many places to stay in Belgrade, from short lease apartments and hotels to student hostels. Bottle of beer in a bar will cost you around €1.50 while a stay in a hotel can range from €40-€100 per night. Hostels are even more affordable, offering beds as low as €10 per night while apartments around central Belgrade could be as low as $30 per night.

More about Belgrade on NYTimes, LonelyPlanet, Times Online, Zeit, Resident Advisorbelgradian.com


EU citizens can enter Serbia without passport. If you are travelling from outside Europe, please check the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website  - it may be required.


Budget Airlines

WizzAir | wizzair.com, JAT | jat.com, Norwegian | norwegian.com (Direct flights to: Denmark, Sweden), airBaltic | airbaltic.com (Estonia), German Wings | germanwings.com (Germany), Cimber Sterling | cimber.com (Denmark), Niki | flyniki.com (Austria)

High Fliers

Lufthansa, Austrian, Alitalia, Aeroflot, Airfrance, Czech Airlines, LOT, Malev, Olympic, Spanair, Swiss and Turkish.
Belgrade Airport Nikola Tesla



Square Nine | squarenine.rs (Resonate Hotel Partner), Townhouse 27 | townhouse27.com (Resonate Hotel Partner). Beograd Art Hotel | belgradearthotel.com, Hotel Union | hotelunionbelgrade.com others Moskva, Balkan, Excelsior


Medijapan | medijapanrestoran.com/medijapan-hostel, Chillton | http://chilltonhostel.com, SanMara’s | sanmarashostel.com/, Hostelche | hostelchehostel.com


There are plenty of places to eat in Belgrade and be sure you will always find a restaurant and never be disappointed. We have however made a small list of places we go to, that our friends and we highly recommend you visit.
Zaplet | Elegant and modern interior, restaurant “Zaplet” (plot) is a mecca for people of refined and exquisite taste. It is both gourmet and esthetic.
Iguana | Great atmosphere and ambience, Iguana is a place you will come back to over and over again.
Comunale | Great interior - Great atmosphere
Guli | In the heart of Belgrade, Skadarlija.
Supermarket | Go to the Supermarket and find your place under newly designed white metal sheets umbrellas. Total design. Total pleasure.
Lorenzo i Kakalamba | “one of the hottest restaurants in town” (Balkan insight)


Osteria Gallo Nero | Cool Italian chef making good italian food (no info in English online unfortunately)
“Lula” Bar & Restaurant | Website still under construction.
Walter | True Bosnian ćevapi in the very center of the city. yc.rs/sr

Fast food

Loki | Grill. Be ready to cue even at 3 AM on Tuesday. http://goo.gl/9YRcZ
Kli Kli Pizzeria | Pizza the way it should be. Probably the best sandwiches in town! http://goo.gl/9YRcZ


Srpska Kafana | srpskakafana.rs (Nothing in English unfortunately)
Mornar | visnjica.rs/en/restorani/mornar
Madera - maderarestoran.com


The Tube, Plastic, 20/44GunThe WashMladostDrinkaIdiottCentralaLiquidAna 4 PistoljaKC GRADClub Šećer + many more.

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Photo: “Belgrade at Night” by Dragan Bosnic